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  • We adopt a disciplined process of evaluating your current financial and personal circumstances against what you desire for the future and develop strategies that help meet your personal goals, needs and priorities in a way that aims to optimize your financial position.
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    What type of insurance is best for you? The choices in life insurance policies are bewildering. We can help you know to compare policies and decide on the right level of cover to protect your family and business.
  • You can choose from an array of investment choices based on your personal goals, financial objectives, risk appetite and investment style. Ready to Invest?
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  • As your business grows and changes, we'll help you be prepared for the future. Group plan solutions help create work environments that encourage well-being, both now and in the future.
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Do-it-yourself or get professional advice

TeamDastur provides comprehensive strategies to build your money to help achieve your goals. We all have similar goals - common
goals many people have include saving for retirement, educating your child, buying a home or furniture, or taking a vacation. TeamDastur
can offer advice on a huge range of investment "products" from various financial companies to help you build your money.

Savings Goals
  • Retirement Savings - Explore the many options available to help you plan for your future and live the retirement lifestyle you want
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts - Save without taxes cutting into your investment profits
  • Education Savings - Fund your children's education and keep on top of rising costs with a Registered Education Savings Plan
    (RESP) or our other investment options

RRSP - a powerful savings vehicle

A registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is a personal savings and investment account that has special tax advantages. What makes an RRSP such a powerful savings vehicle is that your contributions are tax deductible and any investment growth is
tax-sheltered. Tax deductible contributions mean you will have more of your income available for your current needs, even while you're saving
for the future. And tax sheltered investment growth (interest, dividends, capital gains) keeps more of your money working for you.

TFSA - achieve your savings goals tax free

The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is the most significant government savings program since the introduction of the registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). You can benefit from what a TFSA has to offer regardless of your income or financial goals. It can be an integral part
of your financial plan, whether you're saving for your first home, preparing for retirement or already receiving retirement income.
A TFSA is a great way for you to save your money and see your saving grow tax-free.

RESP - save for your child's post-secondary education

An RESP is probably the best way to save for a child's or grand-child's post-secondary education. With the rising costs associated with
sending a child to college or university, an RESP can really help because the government provides grants while the savings grow
tax-deferred until withdrawn. When the student withdraws the funds for educational purposes, the withdrawals are taxed in the student's hands,
typically at a lower rate.